Corporate Consulting is the partner you are looking for to generate profit margins by improving the efficiency of the operating costs and introducing effective and long-lasting savings, thanks to the transfer of technical know-how to your company.

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Saving Goals


60% of business costs are handled by the Procurement Department, and there is a growing awareness that optimizing costs by an average of 16% leads to a significant increase in EBIT.

Reason Why

What is a Client looking for in a
solid Cost Management scheme?

For the clients is essential to provide high-quality, distinctive products and services, while creating ongoing production efficiency and economic/financial profitability (not only in times of crisis!); this is achieved by increasing revenue and optimizing costs.


Corporate Consulting
offers its clients the chance to:

  • Support - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Maintain a constant level of savings through 24-months of professional support

  • Partner - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Rely on a Partner motivated to achieve long-lasting results - and solely remunerated in proportion to the concrete outcomes of the work

  • Providers - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Achieve efficiency without sacrificing quality and without disrupting the existing supply chain (on average 70% of the existing suppliers are retained)

  • Purchases - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Strengthen the role of the Purchase Department as "value creator" through the operational support in the day-by-day activities

  • Know-How - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Acquire critical know-how and develop in-house skills through the coaching relationship with our consultants

  • Providers - Services - Corporate Consulting

    Gaining improved conditions with some critical vendors thanks to our privileged access to group deals (not always available for small and mid size firms)



We appreciated the work of the specialists from Corporate Consulting, which was carried out in full respect of their initial promises of discretion, professionalism and sensitivity in relation to the company.


At Tamoil, our experience of cost optimization with the professionals from Corporate Consulting was valuable and successful, with minimum effort on the part of the company. Corporate Consulting reduced our telecommunications costs by 20%, stationery by 19%, express couriers by 10%, cleaning services by 21% and security by 25%. The resulting savings give us a reason to recommend Corporate Consulting as a reliable partner in cost optimization.


We would like to inform you that we appreciated the work carried out by the Corporate professionals, and we confirm that the work did not involve any risk or cost for our Group.
The project to identify the potential for the optimization of costs, under a success fee clause, as proposed by Corporate, was fully honored and the proposed savings effectively achieved.